Die Vögel: Fratzengulasch

Ai demandé à Timo Schierhorn comment il avait fait son Fratzengulash sur Vimeo

Il me répond : “the panorama photography was a photoshop collage to start with.
but the compositing was made in final cut: one sequence for the camera movements, which referred to another sequence with
the panorama photo and the additional faces in it. The guys are the musicians of die Vögel.
we recorded them and used mask filter in fcp to fit them in.
The whole video was made on my laptop and the fcp way we could still use realtime editing.
glad you like it.
cheers, Timo

Mark S à qui je l’envoie dit : Hah! Very inventive! Looks like they did a good job of masking video into the photos.

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