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A glimpse © Bas Meelker Photography
This photo was taken during a short trip to the Mosel region in Germany. Two days of travel, three days of location scouting, sunsets, sunrises, relaxation and wine. It could be worse. Autumn is really picking up it’s pace now and the colors were great. So was the wine. On such a short trip, luck plays an important part in getting the right shots. Re-shoots and waiting for better light are mostly out of the question. You have to deal with what’s given to you. And on the second day, I thought my luck had run out. The first two days gave us overcast conditions with dull light and colorless sunsets and sunrises. Bring on more wine. But you just have to keep on trying and so on day three there was another early rise to catch the sunrise.

This time, luck was on my side with a beautiful fog hanging over the Mosel Valley, and the sun slowly burning it away. The constantly changing scenery was breathtaking. New compositions turned up again and again with the fog clearing and returning, giving us short glimpses of the landscape beneath. For me, this one single morning was worth the entire trip. Yes, I would have liked better light and more shooting opportunities on the first two days, but that’s all in the game. As landscape photographers, we just can’t set up our lights and scenery. The earth is our studio and the sun and the moon are our lights. In the end mother nature always decides and that’s fine by me!

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