10 months to rebuild the “pancake” kiosk in the Luxembourg Gardens…

As the whole planet knows, French people are brilliant and are never wrong : their standard of building is flawless. Take this modest little kiosk for instance that burnt down to the ground in september 2013. The stupid French Senators (who own the kiosk) took 10 months to rebuild it. Whereas it only took 90 days for the Chinese to build the tallest skyscraper in the world… Anyway, the kiosk is back in business and pancakes are back in the Luxembourg Gardens. Yay !















When it burnt in sept 2013
Before it was distroyed (A short timelapse movie – 2:41 min. on Vimeo)
#Hashtag Luxembourg Gardens

4 responses to “10 months to rebuild the “pancake” kiosk in the Luxembourg Gardens…

  1. Aya

    ;)) not very surprised, it’s as usual and getting worse and worse everyday …
    Pour ma part, j’avais besoin de prendre l’air et suis partie pour un moment ..en Asie et …je me rëgale , loin de tous ces c….qui sont hélas en charge du pays . Bon courage et merci pour tes posts .

  2. Orage

    The French senators didn’t rebuild it (I’d like to see that!), they had it rebuilt.

  3. Christian(54)

    Rien que de très normal, hélas… Nous sommes en France et tout ce qui se fait, lorsque cela se fait, se fait à un train de … senateur.

  4. Thanks for sharing these photos. I especially like seeing that the new kiosk looks like it has been there a long time already. It makes me want to visit the Luxembourg Gardens for some pancakes with honey!

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