Un merle empaillé ne donnera jamais l’idée de son chant mélodieux

>hauser.jpg Kim avec qui je jouais des duos de guitare d’Albeniz avant qu’il ne parte aux USA et que j’arrête d’en jouer m’envoit ce mail de New-York : “nous sommes a NY! HUUUUUUUGE ! We have just spent a day at the Metropolitain Museum. EIGHT and 1/2 hours of it. Our feet are in terrible shape. At the museum they have a rather large section on musical instruments. We came across two guitars played by Segovia : his famous Ramirez made in 1912, and his Hauser which he played on for i believe almost all of his recordings from the 1930’s to 1967. They were these two beautiful guitars… but they were hanging there, dead, silenced forever… I felt so sad and disappointed to see them in a museum… what is the point? yes it is aesthetically pleasing, but its real beauty lies in its sound. nobody will play these guitars again. it was heart wrenching. Well, maybe i’m too sensitive about these things?”. T’as raison Kim et en souvenir de nos après-midi ensoleillées, j’ai écouté Granada et les Valses Poeticos par notre chervieux Julian Bream ! c’était le bon temps.

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